Ringo Music festival2019/蘋果音樂祭2019

※Please read all text.

9月28日(Sat 禮拜六) 29日(Sun 禮拜天
no postponement for rain/下雨天照常舉行

アルプス公園(〒390-0861 長野県松本市蟻ケ崎2455番地)

■Official site:http://ringofes.info/

■Rules & Regulations
※Please check the rules before you come to the festival
※Purchased ticket cannot be cancelled or changed.
※We will exchange your ticket for a wristband at reception.
※After exchanging your ticket, the wristband will be the proof of your ticket purchase. Please look after it with care during the Festival period.
※Tickets and wristbands will NOT be reissued under any circumstances. Please also note that those who lose their ticket and or wristband at the festival will be asked to leave the site or repurchase a ticket.
※Both advance tickets and day tickets are valid from 8:30~22:00.
※There is no refund of fee in the case of cancellation due to natural disasters or unexpected accidents.
※Those who are not following instructions of the staff or who bother others will be forced to leave. Please note that there is no refund in that case.
※We sell some food and drinks. You are not allowed to bring any food and drinks. If found with food or drinks, it will be confiscated.
※Moshing , diving and other activities that may cause harm to other visitors are forbidden at all. In addition, when other visitors get injured due to those actions, the secretariat will not be involved at all. All parties should resolve between each other.
※Please do not cause nuisance for neighboring residents, such as illegal parking or speaking loudly on the street.
※The organizer is not responsible for accidents and theft inside and outside the venue. Please be responsible for your own belongings.
※You can bring cameras, video cameras in the venue, but photographing and recording of artists is prohibited.
※You are not allowed to bring things which are prohibited by law. ex) fireworks
※We are not responsible for accidents · loss · theft· injury · illness etc.
※Please return the garbage of the things sold inside the venue to the store where you bought. Please take other garbage home with you.
※You are not allowed to bring dangerous goods, explosives and other law prohibited items. Also, campfires, open fire, fireworks, are prohibited both in the venue and parking lot .
※ Because it is outdoors, there can be bad weather. Please prepare for rain / different temperatures.
※Please refrain from using umbrellas as much as possible in the venue


dj sleeper (りんご音楽祭/Record & Music Bar “on”/瓦RECORD)

【Help about Event/更多問題和幫助】
Ringo Music Festival Executive Committee
住所: 長野県松本市清水1-1-2
TEL: 090-9345-3240
E-mail: info@ringofes.info

【チケットシステム(ピーティックス)に関するお問い合わせ/Help about ticket system (Peatix)



Sep 28 - Sep 29, 2019
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM JST
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Alps Park,Nagano prefecture,Matsumoto City
9/28(Sat)29(Sun) Two-Days/9/28(六)29(日) 兩日券 SOLD OUT ¥14,500
9/28(Sat)One-Day/9/28(六) 單日券 SOLD OUT ¥7,800
9/29(Sun)One-Day/9/29(日) 單日券 SOLD OUT ¥7,800
Venue Address
Matsumoto City Matsumoto Arigasaki 2455-11 Japan